3 thoughts on “{about the girl}

  1. All I could think about, while reading the last lines, is “TARDIS”, and then the Doctor Who theme. Something about the traversing space bit…it can get a bit wibbly, you know. Right then…allons-y!

  2. hold the phone. HOLD THE PHONE.

    i just read the comment you left on my blog & i thought i’d come over and check yours out. and based on your graduation photo, i think we graduated from the same university! GVSU? yes? & i think you’re wearing an honors stole too! omg. MY MIND IS BLOWN.

    in any case, i graduated april 2012 with a degree in english and a minor in history (without certifying to teach), which has lent itself to working retail since i moved home (SE MI) in august. it’s good to meet you, Aubrey!

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