On Niche Blogging and Finding My Voice

I read a lot of mommy blogs.  Seriously.  A. LOT.  But, it makes perfect sense.  A great deal of my friends are mommies who blog.  I love them, I adore their kids, I read their blogs.  I want to be a mommy someday, specifically an adoptive mommy, so it goes without saying that I would read a handful of adoptive mommy blogs as well.  Some may call it obsessive, I call it being prepared ridiculously well in advance.

I read a variety of other types of blogs.  A friend of mine writes a fashion blog.  I read it.  I love the idea of doing tons of DIY projects and crafts, so I read some of those blogs.  I follow a few cooking blogs, because, well, there is a kitchen in my house I someday hope to use for more than pouring a bowl of cereal or making a PB&J.  Many of my friends are involved in some form of ministry, as missionaries, ministers, or seminary students, and I love reading their words of conviction, struggle, and encouragement.

I also read some others blogs that serve absolutely no purpose other than entertainment and wishful thinking. (*cough*webcomicsandweddingblogs*cough*)

But, as I read these blogs, I start to wonder.  Where is the voice that sounds like mine?  Where is my blogging niche?

I’m not a mommy blogger.

Or a fashion blogger.

Or a crafty blogger.

Or a cooking blogger.

Or a Jesus blogger.

Or a wedding blogger.

Or an artistically comical blogger.

I’m not really anything all that similar to any type of blog I follow.  I don’t quite fit in any of those niches.

I’m just a girl with an oft-neglected blog and some lofty aspiration to someday be one (or all) of the above types of blogger, rubbing elbows with the women whose blogs I read at the next big blogging conference.  (BlogHer, I’m looking at you.)

I’m just a girl, single and in her mid/late-twenties (in West Michigan, WHAT?!?!), not sure what she wants to be if when she grows up, straddling the space between entering the adult world and actually feeling like an adult.

I’m just a girl trying to find sure footing in her faith while searching for a sense of purpose, direction, and meaning in life.

Certainly there are other girls like me out there on the blogosphere, whose lives have gone in a very different direction than they had ever imagined.  I wish I could read their stories of feeling unfulfilled, listen to them as they share their longings and desires, and experience with them their struggles and triumphs as they navigate this thing called life.  But until I find those other blogs and can read other women’s stories, I will share my own.

I may not have a niche, but I do have a voice.

So, here it is.  Here I am.  Sorting out my day-to-day musings on this little blog I call home.

Vocally yours,


8 thoughts on “On Niche Blogging and Finding My Voice

  1. “Certainly there are other girls like me out there on the blogosphere, whose lives have gone in a very different direction than they had ever imagined.”
    Heh, have you met me? Haha. I like you. And this post. =) And I’m very glad we share a cubicle wall.

  2. Hooray for breaking your blogger’s block! Blogging about blogging is always a great thing; your entry is very thoughtful and very meta. I enjoyed reading it, and hope you’ll find it in you to post more soon.

    • Well, I did have a friend gently needling me regarding this and the other dozens of blog post ideas I have rattling around in my head. :) Thanks for the encouragement and the comment, Alex.

      • No problem; the thing I love most about writing is encouraging others who are good at it! Shall I continue to needle until you’ve done 19 more posts? I suppose we could meet in the middle somewhere :)

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  4. What you are experiencing is exactly what your Twenties are for! The chance to discover who you are, what you believe, why you’re special; unencumbered by things that will hold you down, or back, or in one place. It will all come together soon enough. Relax and enjoy your freedom, your friends, and yourself. Celebrate this season of your life and the next will surely follow. I too was a lost Twenty-something searching for my place and my path. What I didn’t realize is that all those experiences and events were necessary in shaping who I am today. You never know where one little step may lead – I joined a community choir and four years later traveled to Europe with a small singing group! This is great part of your journey; a great time to step out of your comfort zone, one baby step at a time. ;-) xoxox

    • Thank you, Aunt Holly. Your words here and in our little talks have definitely helped me to be more accepting of the uncertainty that is being a twenty-something. I’m glad I have ladies like you in my life to help guide me through. :) Hugs and love!

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