First snowfall of the year!

Happy December everybody!  Can you believe the first of December is already here?  I haven’t even come to terms with the fact that September ended two months ago, let alone the fact that winter is indeed upon us.  However, the winter wonderland I awoke to this morning is helping me along in that process.  :)

It’s been ages since I posted last, and I am sorry for that, but I promise I have a good excuse!  Last week was Turkey Day and driving up and down America’s mitten to visit four sides of family (my mom’s extended side, my dad’s extended side, M’s mom and grandma, and M’s dad’s extended side) certainly took a lot out of me.

Sadly, no Turkey Day themed crafts were a part of our celebrations this year, but there’s always hope for next!

Seriously, we put almost 600 miles on the odometer over the course of four days!  Thank goodness that boy of mine loves to drive, because I do not.  All in all, it was a lovely holiday weekend.  The rest of my family loved meeting M for the first time (and I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it too) and I loved seeing M’s family again.  I only wish everybody lived a bit closer!

But, enough of that fall holiday talk, a new season is in town:  WINTER!!!  Yes, you read that right.  Winter.  In all caps (to show excitement).  With three, count them, three exclamation points (to show even more excitement).  Now, I’ll be honest with you, there are some things I do not like about this season.  Biting cold winds.  Car doors that are iced shut.  Driving.  Other drivers, especially those who don’t think it is necessary to use their lights, wipe the snow off their brake lights, not tailgate, drive at a safe speed, clear their windshields (front and back) completely.  However, there are tons of things I LOVE about this season!

This love of winter isn’t a new thing. This turkey feather came from a Thankful Turkey made by either my preschool or kindergarten class.

First, let’s talk about the first REAL snowfall.  I’m not talking about that wimpy stuff that melts before it even hits the ground.  I’m talking about the big, fluffy, winter butterflies that coat everything they touch with a beautiful layer of white.  The kind of snow that makes you stick out your tongue and start singing that song about snowflakes and milkshakes!

Winter from Greenridge

A prime example of what a real first snowfall looks like. I just took this picture out my bedroom window and it has barely been snowing for very long.

Another reason I absolutely love this season because it brings with it one of the happiest times of year:  Christmas!  (Now, just because Christmas didn’t receive the ‘all caps lots of exclamation points’ treatment doesn’t mean I’m not as excited about it.  I just thought that might be a bit of overkill.)  Who doesn’t love decorating their home in shades of blue, white, green, and red; wrapping (homemade) gifts (in newspaper that will be recycled); covering a beautiful pine or spruce tree with lights and ornaments made by your little ones in their kindergarten class?  (Okay, so I don’t have any of those little ones, but I was one once and still love putting up my twenty-year-old handmade decorations that my mommy has saved.)

Back in 2008, the last time we were all home for Christmas, rather than buying a tree-farm tree, my dad cut a branch from one of the huge pines in our side yard. This was by far my favorite Christmas tree ever!

Back in 2008, the last time we were all home for Christmas, rather than buying a tree-farm tree, my dad cut a branch from one of the huge pines in our side yard. This was by far my favorite Christmas tree ever!

The best part of the Advent season is seeing family you don’t get to see often, sharing stories over a delicious meal, and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  That, and these tasty treats are everywhere:

I know that Jesus is the true reason for this season, but these bad boys run a close second in my book. Yum! (Click the picture to read a lovely legend of the origin of candy canes.)

So, despite the occasionally nasty weather, the icy roads, and the terrible drivers, I very much so look forward to this time of year.  And I hope you do too.  Happy holiday season to you all!

Snowily yours,